Artist: Da Pemba


Home base: Brussels - Belgium

Style: Afro Brazilian Bass Music

Traveling Party: 3

DA PEMBA is an Italo-Brazilian duo based in Brussels. Humberto Ribeiro and Zee-la blend afro-brazilian
Bass Hip-hop Funk Carioca as well as genres from all over Brazil forming an intense and energetic mix of sounds.


"PEMBA" is an African-Bambara word that means “The force of present existence”, it comes from the afro-brazilian culture as Candomblé and Umbanda spiritual gatherings. 

"A rousing and exciting vibe with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, heavy synth electronica and French rap” 
(Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, BE)

“A modern worldly sound that can not hide the traces of our capital” 
(Toernee Mondiale, Be)   

“The sun from the beaches in Sao Paulo injected in ever-dancing beats with an energetic mix between South American, African beats and hip-hop” (Electric Offense, Be)  

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