'SIM OU SIM' | Single & Music Video

France/ Brazil  | Tropicalist Festive Jazz 

'Sim Ou Sim' | Picture John Coltrane jamming in Rio de Janeiro!

Bagunço's new release 'Sim ou Sim', 'Yes or Yes', as the name suggests, is a hymn to assertiveness. It sounds crazy, and we love it. Born out of influences that go from the jazz master John Coltrane to the Samba and Pagode of Grupo Molejo, the song is an instrumental samba theme coupled with unexpected chord changes. The combination goes straight to the point to make people dance!

The Launch of 'Sim ou Sim' Single & Music Video is set for 22 of January, on Brazilian Summer.

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Visual Designer and Tattoo Artist Bárbara Sotério.


France/ Brazil  | Tropicalist Festive Jazz | OUT NOW

'As Três' EP | Blessed by the richness of Brazilian rhythms

'As Três' is the brand new single from Bagunço

Based in Rio de Janeiro, the franco-brazilian band explores three distinct traditional Brazilian rhythms: Maracatu, Galope and Frevo. The resulting mixture is then wrapped up in a Tropicalist Festive Jazz, the mash-up of brazilian groove with psychedelic sounds and jazzy vibe.

What could be more 'Bagunço?'

More than just the
Single - 'As Três', with Launch on October 15th, there is the EP - 'As Três', a powerful pack including
'As Três' OriginalMix + Four Remixes, exploring Drum&Bass, CaboclinhoDub, SkaDub e Afro House, with the Launch on October 29th. 

Three Music Producers collaborated with the band in creating four new joints: Infrared (France), The Phat Ones (South Africa) and Zivito (Brasil).

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Visual Designer and Tattoo Artist Bárbara Sotério.

'AS TRÊS' | Behind The Remixes


As Três - Drum&bass



As a huge Drum & Bass music fan, UK is my source of inspiration and those beautiful horn section from Bagunço, i just needed an extra push with a strong drum and bass to make it even
 more massive.

'As Três' is one of the best Remixes i have done so far.

Jungle is massive!


As Três - CaboclinhoDub REMIX



My reinterpretation of 'As Três' was developed under the base of the Caboclinho, a popular revelry in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, translated in the context of digital music.

The track had the mixes of percussions and electronic drums with the power of metals, mixing Frevo and Cavalo Marinho rhythms with elements of dance music and synthesizers.


As Três - SkaDub REMIX



A beautiful horns section and melodies was the inspiration for this Remix.

With those two distinctive horns section, I was able to play around, going from Ska to a Reggae Dub part, which gives movements to this SkaDub version for
As Três'.  



As Três - Afro House REMIX


South Africa

We have had our far share of remixes over the years but this one was a real beautiful challenge.

We loved Bagunço’s horn section and we knew that we wanted to focus on that part of the song, to give African spirit in the Brazilian Jazz and make it a worldbeat for the dance floors.

With a soft yet aggressive guitar to set in the background as a solid foundation. Then we took it back to our South African roots by adding a spiritual, raw, jungle, soulful incident vocals.