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Home base: Berlin - Germany

Style: Funk House and Techno

Touring Party: 2

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Ain TheMachine is electronic music as you've never seen.

The grooves are generated live using the body's sounds.

Basslines, warm harmonies and melodies are made with the voice and digitally processed in real-time.

Percussive and synth sounds are made with everyday objects, creating a rich sonic experience, entertaining the ears and the eyes of the audience. 

Ain TheMachine Live is House and Techno with a twist and only one purpose:

To make you dance!

PlayTheCity Live is the AudioVisual show, where Ain TheMachine samples sounds/images from different cities to use them as musical instruments and visuals of the performance.

Alongside the sounds from the cities, he uses the sounds from his body, voice and everyday objects to create an electronic music session. The music is minimalistic and groove driven, influenced by Techno.


Sisyphos Club . Berlin . Germany

Noches Del Botánico . Madrid . Spain

Bushfire Festival . Swaziland . Africa

MusicTech Fest . Stockholm . Sweden

KAOS Berlin . Berlin . Germany

Mahou Urban Fest . Madrid . Spain