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Home base: Rio de Janeiro

Style: Modern Rock with Brazilian Culture and Poetry

Touring Party: 5

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Musician and composer from Espírito Santo with 25 years on the road and a reference artist in Brazil, Macacko arrives at his praised third solo album: "Humanifesta". In the luggage a live DVD, seven albums and two EPs, 5 tours in Europe, including projects and partnerships with great names of Brazilian music. With over a million plays on the streaming channels, Macacko continues to tour Brazil with his new show. 


Artist, composer and chronicler, today he emerges as one of the great lyricists of Brazilian music. In addition to two solo albums, 'Macaco, Chiquinho e o Cavalo' (2009), 'Rising to Anonymity', (2014), a DVD 'Macacko ao Vivo' (2017), Macacko released in September 2019 his third album entitled 'Humanifesta'.

Gustavo Macacko's solo career includes compositions and presentations in partnership with icons such as Sérgio Britto, Otto, Gabriel, O Pensador, Zé Geraldo and other national artists. All of his material is available for free in the main audio streaming media, totaling more than one million plays in his songs.

Aiming to unite his northeastern roots with capoeira and rock, Gustavo Macacko created Bloco Bleque bringing a percussive team on stage, producing every year 'Carnival Marchinhas' that debates current political themes and launched an authorial EP containing this material.


Songs like "Só tem Jogador", theme of the game FIFA SOCCER 2012, accumulate more than one million views on youtube. In 2018, in partnership with Gabriel, O Pensador, he released the single "Passaporte para a Fé", the biggest hit on Macacko's Spotify.


Montreux International Jazz Festival. Switzerland

Couburg Festival. Germany

Taking the Bastille. Celles Sur Belle. France

Festival Sudoeste. Zambujeira do Mar . Portugal

Materadio Festival. Italy

Espírito Mundo. Italy

Espírito Mundo. France

Monastery room. Barcelona. Spain

Circo Voador. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

Fundição Progresso feat Gabriel, O Pensador. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

Movimento Tamarear (Projeto Tamar). Salvador. Brazil

Movimento Tamarear (Projeto Tamar) feat Zé Geraldo. Espírito Santo. Brazil

Festival Internacional de Inverno de Música. Domingos Martins feat Sérgio Britto (Titãs). Brazil