Home base: Berlin - Germany

Style: Dance Music

Touring Party: 3

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Some of humanities most ancient pleasures are often experienced on a deeper level when done slowly:
Eating. Thinking. Making love.

She Knows’ music is melancholic and playful at the same time. It is deep with experimental elements and nonetheless poppy. There is this spiritual notion within the unique sound that makes it deeply sensual, where it grabs us by the roots of our beings and forces us to let go, to dance. 

Spanish singer Teresa Thomas and brazilian producer Marcel Dadalto creted the perfect musical symbiosis and creative force behind a new and mesmerizing electronic sound that has been influenced even more by the club music and the experiences of Berlin’s infamous night life.


Since then the duo released two EPs (Distorted Images [Bar 25 Music, 2019] and Natural Medicina [Sirin Music, 2020]) and played countless club and festival gigs. 

Yet, She Knows is more than a musical act. Inspired by the creative power of their passionate fellow human beings, it is as a dynamic and collaborative project, offering an experimental space to passionate artists from their international network.


So keep your eyes peeled as this duo is ready to surprise you - if you allow yourself to explore that timeless momentum their music creates.


Fusion Festival 2018 / 2019 . Germany

Katzensprung Festival . Cologne . Germany

Holzmarkt Open Air Fete de La Musique . Berlin . Germany

Garbicz Festival 2018 / 2019 . Poland

Kater Blau . Berlin . Germany

Rummelsbucht . Berlin . Germany

Sa Terza Metari Festival . Sardegna . Italy

Ritter Butzke . Berlin . Germany

Yaam  . Berlin . Germany

Wilde Möhre Festival . Berlin . Germany