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Home base: Italy/Kenya/Tanzania 

Style: East African Electronic Percussive

Touring Party: 4 - 9

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UHURU REPUBLIC is a music collective born in 2018 between Torino, Genova, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar
and Nairobi that merges the traditional East African music with electronic sounds.


Electronics, voices, traditional percussions, viola, qanuns, flutes, nyatiti, tze tze, kalimbas, and video projections all together in an energetic performance that melts tradition with innovation, Europe with Africa, modern instruments with ancient music.


The collective is a kaleidoscope of personalities and skills, a series of prominent Italian artists originally from Genoa and Turin, who travelled to Tanzania to compose and record an album and to perform together in a tour started in Tanzania in 2018 then through Italy, Kenya and Tanzania in 2019. 

ON STAGE (variable):

Giulia Passera (Turin -voice / Mangaboo, The Sweet Life Society, Istituto Italiano di Cumbia, Sonoristan)
FiloQ (Genoa - electronic / Istituto Italiano di Cumbia, Magellano) 
Raffaele Rebaudengo (Genova - viola / Gnu Quartet)

ON TOUR IN EUROPE IN 2020 WITH Uhuru Republic 

Makadem (Nairobi – Voice,Nyatiti,limba)  and/or Msafiri Zawose (Bagamoyo – voice, limba, tze tze) and/or DBASS (Dar Es Salaam) and/or other collective members according to availability/period of booking

Uhuru Republic can be booked as:


7 / 10 PIECE FULL LIVE BAND: electronics, qanun, strings, percussions, traditional flute, nyatiti, the tze, irimba, female singer - mc, male singer - mc.


5 PIECE BAND: electronics, viola, qanun or nyatiti, female singer - mc, male singer - percussionist


SOUNDSYSTEM: electronic, viola or qanun or nyatiti, female singer - mc


The sound blends electronic dancefloor-oriented music with taarab, afrobeat and the latest sounds of East Africa.


Imbarchino . Turin . Italy
National Museum & House of Culture . Dar Es Salaam . Tanzania
Crazy Monday . Red Monkey Lodge . Jambiani . Zanzibar
DCMA . Stone Town . Zanzibar
Zuri Kendwa . Zanzibar
Upendo Michamvi . Zanzibar
Jazz Re:Found Festival . Cella Monte . Italy
Cantina Urbana . Milano . Italy
Banano Tsunami . Genova . Italy
Terreni Creativi . Albenga . Italy
Ongala Festival Bagamoyo . Tanzania
Nafasi Art Space . Dar Es Salaam . Tanzania
Alliance Francaise . Nairobi . Kenya
Rise . Nairobi . Kenya
Zuri resort . Kendwa . Zanzibar
Skaletta Rock Club . La Spezia . Italy