Napalma . Berlin

Napalma blends a powerful eclectic electronic based music with afro brazilian rhythms on percussions creating a unique live act that has called the attention of both media and public on its concerts around the globe, such as Amsterdam Roots Open Air, Montreux Jazz Festival, Bushfire Festival, Feito a Man Festival, Boom Festival, just to name a few.

Napalma have been making the world dance for over 15 years now, spreading a great atmosphere and a happy feeling at the dance floors where it performs.  
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El Dor El Awal . Cairo

El Dor El Awal is not a typical Egyptian band. Blending in their different musical backgrounds and adding each their personal touch, El Dor El Awal have truly succeeded on creating their own personal style and constantly delivering some fresh tunes that make their way straight into the hearts of the audience. 

Two percussionists, keyboard, flute, violin and saxophone to create a very particular and special arabic jazz worldbeat. 
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Da Pemba . Brussels

DA PEMBA is an Italo-Brazilian duo where Humberto Ribeiro and Zee-la blend afro-brazilian Bass Hip-hop Funk Carioca
as well as genres from all over Brazil forming an intense and energetic mix of sounds.

"PEMBA" is an African-Bambara word that means “The force

of present existence”, it comes from the afro-brazilian culture as Candomblé and Umbanda spiritual gatherings. 

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Created by Ain TheMachine, Musica Biotronica takes sounds from the body, voice and everyday objects, and with the help
of technology, transforms them into the soundtrack of our everyday life.


Musica Biotronica was born from the relationship between organic sounds and synthetic process. Sounds from the body, voice and daily objects transcend their ephemeral existence

to become music. It is this unique blend that challenges our relationship with music.

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Pedra Branca . São Paulo


Pedra Branca . São Paulo

Pedra Branca is a multicultural group and develops a creative conception of making music from the world together with brazilian and contemporary music. With 6 albums released internationally, they are releasing the sixth album called name Religare, the research brings instruments like sitar, oud, didgeridoo, berimbal, darbuka, djembe, etc. 

Have already played in the main Brazilian festivals Psy-Trance. But also in several other Festivals and events of jazz, rock, worldmusic or chillout / downbeat.

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Nour Project . Cairo

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Nour Ashour a saxophonist long time involved in many local bands and since 2010 performing with The egyptian superstar Mohamed Mounir, has started Nour Project to bring together a group of musicians from different backgrounds.

Six talented musicians using different instruments composing and performing their own music and songs lyrics mixing oriental with western music, re-playing old traditional songs using their own way and melodies, this deliberately connect with audience.


Ain TheMachine . Berlin