NAPALMA’s new Release has a strong connection with one of the most spoken topics in the world's population, the 'deforestation of the Amazon rainforest'. A stunning Music Video takes the band to the heart of the Amazonia, in a partnership with Herve Neukomm, a swiss traveller that crossed the whole Amazon river during five years in a Bike-Boat (a boat propelled by a bicycle).

Sunu Warëf’ is an uplifting electronic, percussive and groovy song with a Caribbean spice, and has beautiful melodies with catchy vocal lines from West Africa, and lyrics are in Wolof, one of the languages from Senegal, which means “Our Mission”, each person has the own Mission in life. 


Try to imagine a group with "cross-over vibes" transcending from multiple genres, super contemporary, but also utilizing traditional rhythms from around the world. 


The new NAPALMA album is a powerful international pack where different styles and backgrounds are fused, containing ‘Sunu Warëf’ OriginalMix + Six Remixes, produced by SucreSoul (South Africa), Infrared (France), Mista Monk (Australia), Jaspe (France), Kokkosh (Egypt) and Leandro Bonfim (Brazil). 

The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia. 

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Designer and Tattoo Artist Rodrigo Tas.

'Sunu Warëf' | Behind The Remixes


Sunu Warëf - Afro Tech



I was taken by the love of music and the language usage, Wolof. The vocals have this lovable vibe to it and that’s what drove me to having a beat that would give it an up tempo while on a 120 bpm.


I just saw a Black Coffee type of jam, something that could be played in Festivals. The vocals are very attractive to listen to and I felt that they needed a beat that can capture the dance floor and create a feeling of letting loose.  The afro tech element I used with the touch of EDM, makes this track a real dance floor vibe. 


Sunu Warëf - Afrobeat REMIX



The direction for this remix was to keep the african feel of the vocals,
but turning it into a more afrobeat futurisitc vibe, adding synthetisers and big sub bass mixed with organic drums and instruments.


A banger dancefloor tune for afrobeat addicts!


Sunu Warëf - Breakbeat



Mista Monk's take on ’Sunu Waref‘ beautiful vocal into broken beat territory with live drum samples and a nod to afro-beat rhythms. Lush synths and live bass and guitar from Black Jesus Experience members Richard Rose and Larry Cristani provide the finishing touch. Monk's intention was to give the feeling of a live dynamic in the beats but still dropping moments of heavy
Afro-House workouts, equally at home in a chill-out set or a dancefloor experience.


Sunu Warëf - Deep House REMIX



Staying true to the original spirit I took ‘Sunu Waref’ to minimal electro. Deep bass, afro percussion and progressive rise are on the program, all interspersed with deep house passages to let the sound breathe.


The Synths have been simplified to leave more room for groove with their cut vocals and pitched rhythm. a sound that should blend in with the best afro house DJ sets.


Sunu Warëf - SkaDub REMIX



After listening to NAPALMA’s track ‘Sunu Waref’ I wanted to take a different approach to the traditional House remix and thought of giving it a different flavor with a Happy Bass Line that would make it bouncy and enhance the Afro Latino Groove.

Also the choice of electronic elements felt appropriate to give it a different feel and mood. 


Sunu Warëf - Dub REMIX



For ‘Sunu Waref’ I used the dub technique created in Jamaica, deconstructing the music and exploring other atmospheres with reverbs and delay emphasizing the drums and bass.