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Brazil/ Senegal/ Berlin | Worldbeat | OUT NOW

'Yobalema EP' | The New Sounds of NAPALMA

Brazil meets Senegal in Berlin.

'Yobalema' is the first material with the new singer Abass Ndiaye from Senegal, who brought lyrics in Wolof, influences and melodies from West Africa, which gave a whole new shape to the Duo, but maintaining the multicultural identity and the energy for the dance floors with powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, varied percussions by Brazilian 
Cid Travaglia on djembe, alfaia, shakers, talking drum and recycled instruments like water bottles or a milk pot.

NAPALMA 'Yobalema EP' was released on 14/08, and brings Yobalema OriginalMix + Six Remixes’, produced by Marc Brauner from Germany, Mista Monk from Australia, Mogo Naaba representing Togo / South Africa, Sandman FR from France, Gutto Serta from Brazil / Berlin and The Phat Ones from South Africa, and as a bonus track it is offered the Instrumental OriginalMix.

'Yobalema EP' is a powerful international pack where different styles and backgrounds are fused, a modern WorldBeat and Electronic Music with an original and unique formula, reflecting the eclectic verve that made NAPALMA feature in the line up of Montreux Jazz Festival, Boom Festival and the Cairo Opera House.

'Yobalema' is sung in Wolof from Senegal and it means ‘Take me With You’, it is about two soul mates complementing each other in a relation that No One can separate between friends, couples and partners.


The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, featuring Daniel Zabon from Germany/ Kenya on saxophone and Mogo Naaba from Togo/ South Africa on synths. 

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Designer and Tattoo Artist Rodrigo Tas


Yobalema REMIX



The Marc Brauner Remix of 'Yobalema' was meant to give the original a classic house touch with 909 drums, a bumpy Bassline and a spheric pad sound rising throughout the entire song.

While using percussion parts and other bits from the original he aimed to give the remix a more laid back and relaxed vibe picturing it being played at a beach party at sunrise.


Yobalema REMIX


Brazil | Berlin

"When I first listen to 'Yobalema', the live instruments and energetic vibes got my attention. I wanted to keep the original flow of the track and make it even more unique with sounds I use on my live sets.

On the technical side, I was inspired by every piece of the band. I kept some of them, such as djembe, drum hats, shakers and vocals. On top of that, I recorded the steel guitar and brought a techno-ish synth with an extended breakdown for the dance floor. I hope you enjoy it!"

Yobalema REMIX




Mista Monk keeps the beautiful vocal of the original intact but flips the drum style into a dynamic Brazilian inspired rhythm featuring samba percussion and congas by Digital Afrika’s Future Roots. Black Jesus Experience members Peter Harper and Ian Dixon weave anthemic horns throughout with Larry Cristani’s tasteful guitar a masterful finishing touch. 

 This is deep soulful West African territory and it’s assured offbeat rhythm makes for sure fire dance floor.


Yobalema REMIX


Togo| South Africa

"Remixing 'Yobalema' was about creating a different dancefloor-friendly version of the song, without losing the richness of its elements. I always imagined what a blend of electronic, hip-hop and afrobeats would sound like and that's what I went for...

Two elements stand out the most, these are the vocals and the percussions. They raise a certain nostalgic feeling, even if one doesn't understand the lyrics. It took some time to figure out how to preserve them without losing the energy that the synths bring." 


Yobalema REMIX



"The singer's voice immediately caught my attention. I looked for the sounds I wanted to associate with the Remix, then I extracted samples from the voice, and also from several instruments used in the original version. I added a bassline that could become aggressive as the song went on and give it a more electro dimension. The basis of the remix was ready, all I needed were the arrangements. My influences are very club oriented and a very wide musical universe. For this Remix I wanted to create a track with a lot of energy."


Yobalema REMIX


South Africa

"From the moment we heard
Yobalema’ we fell in love with it, and was hard to decide what elements to use. We added a bit of DeepHouse and AfroTech, and started with the traditional DeepHouse four step kick, then added a new low end by mixing
a few basslines and synths to give it
that Tech feel.

Layered it with the beautiful vocal and brass to give you ‘Yobalema’ with
The Phat Ones touch and the hope
to bring this beautiful song to dance
floors across the world."