LONA MUSIK started primarily in 2018 in Berlin as LONA Booking, a Booking Agency, but it has developed into a Music Label, Publishing Company and Booking Agency, in 2020, working with worldbeat & electronic music artists.


LONA Musik is searching for the new alchemy of the global rhythms, the new influential beats and the future tropical sounds that have been produced around the planet.

It was created two distinct Artist Rostersnot necessarily all artists are part of both Rosters.

LONA MUSIK | Label & Publishing Roster 
Artists released and worked by the Record Label and Publishing Company

LONA MUSIK | Booking Roster 
A special selection Roster of worldwide Live Act Artists and DJ's, including Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura - Soul Wax) with his actual project Mix Hell, the multi awarded and ultra experienced Cleveland Watkiss, the new electronic sounds from Berlin with She Knows, Ain TheMachine, Marc Brauner, world beats with Napalma, Uhuru Republic, Orquestra Voadora, Pedra Branca and other original projects.

Who is Behind LONA MUSIK?

This story goes back to 1995, in Vitória, Brazil, when former label LONA Records was founded by percussionist and music producer Cid Travaglia, becoming record label, events promoter, booking agency and publishing company. 

From 2005 on Cid Travaglia focused only on production, booking and touring with his group NAPALMA, having performed
in over twenty five countries and having the life experience of producing, performing and living in African continent for
over one decade, based in South Africa and Mozambique.


In 2018 LONA Booking became a real Booking Agency, partnered with german-italian Mark Dieler, that has been working on several projects since 1998, and through 10 years spent on the African continent developed strong ties to the music scene there. He also has promoted events, concerts and tours around all of Europe while cooperating with both underground and top tier artists and locations.