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NAPALMA | Mbëguel - feat Abass Ndiaye
EP & Music Video

NAPALMA and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye present one more exciting collaboration, ‘Mbëguel’, that means ‘Love’ in Wolof.  A magical song, that starts with a Mbira, a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe, that blends with electronic beats, synths, djembe, whistles and vocals, it sounds transcendent and ethnic. 

A Mind Blowing Scenery for the Music Video, recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mozambique, 
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NAPALMA | Gëstou - feat Abass Ndiaye
Two-Single Tracks & Music Video

The collaboration between NAPALMA and the senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye has produced an exciting Chemistry of Music. The new song 'Gëstou' means ‘To Learn’ in Wolof, it has an uplifting energy for the dance floors with "cross-over vibes'', powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, synths blending with percussive Afro-Brazilian grooves and inspired vocal melodies from West Africa. 

The Music Video was recorded in Berlin covered by snow. 
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NAPALMA | URBAN ART Tribute -- feat Abass Ndiaye


A Music Video Tribute for street art and graffitis recorded during 8 years across twelve countries plus the EP ‘URBAN ART Tribute’ bringing 'Urban Art' Original Mix + Instrumental Mix + Three Remixes, specially produced by Luna City Express (Berlin), Infrared (Paris), Gus What (Vitória).  More Info...

BAGUNÇO  | Pegada de Urso

Bagunço showcases its unique blend of Funk-Jazz with seventies vibe, coupled with a rap introduction and a Drum’n’Bass synth solo. The final product is ravishing. The groove wakes up the hibernating bear within and kicks open the doors of perception. A subtle feel of hungry beasts fires up the whole track. More Info...

BAGUNÇO | Catagnomo

‘Catagnomo’ is a contemporary jazz piece with a distinct Bagunço flavor. It’s a wandering theme, passing through psychedelic landscapes, funk parties and even romantic rendezvous under sweet moonlight. The resulting experience is the discovery of a unique territory, which the name ‘Catagnomo’ represents, plus the Remixes of international producers and a psychedelic Music VideoMore Info...


Orquestra Voadora (Flying Orchestra) transports you in this audiovisual experience, presenting an unprecedented song with 8 different versions of Music Videos that simulate the silent film sessions of a wonderful, modern and cosmopolitan city about a century ago. More Info...

BAGUNÇO | Sim ou Sim

'Sim ou Sim', 'Yes or Yes', as the name suggests, is a hymn to assertiveness. It sounds crazy, and we love it. Born out of influences that go from the jazz master John Coltrane to the Samba and Pagode of Grupo Molejo, the song is an instrumental samba theme coupled with unexpected chord changes. The combination goes straight to the point to make people dance! The Music Video shows the adventurous of Bagunço on the road. More Info...


'Revoar' is a song by Orquestra Voadora about rebirth and renewal of hopes symbolized by the flocking of birds. Composed by saxophonist André Ramos, originally for the children's show “The Magnificent Flight of the Man Bird”,
emphasizing its references in the melodic and rhythmic roots of Brazilian music.
A Stunning Music Video tells in a poetic way how imagination and art come together. 
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FABIO CARVALHO | Solte os Cabelos

Fabio Carvalho presents 'Solte Os Cabelos' EP, a Public Domain song from the Congo of Espirito Santo as the main source, and transformed in a worldbeat track with the OriginalMix and different music styles on Remixes.

Solte Os CabelosOriginalMix + Four Remixes + Instrumental’, produced by Infrared (France), FurmigaDub (Brazil),

SucreSoul (South Afica), Gutto Serta (Brazil/ Berlin). More Info...

ANDRÉ SAMPAIO | Citizen of the World

The Dub atmospheres created by producer Victor Rice, winner of two Latin Grammys in two versions, the soulful performance from nigerian singer Okwei Odili, three remixes produced by DJ Duh (Brazil), Infrared (France) and
Mogo Naaba (Togo / South Africa) bring electronic languages ​​such as afro house, disco house and modern afrobeats to André Sampaio's music. More Info...

NAPALMA |Sunu Waref - feat Abass Ndiaye


Sunu Warëf’ is an uplifting electronic, percussive and groovy song with a Caribbean spice, and has beautiful melodies with catchy vocal lines from West Africa, and lyrics are in Wolof, one of the languages from Senegal, which means “Our Mission”. The album brings the Original Mix + 6 Remixes + Instrumental Mix from international producers.
A special Music Video takes NAPALMA to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. 
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'Technocirco' mixes the sounds of the brass session and percussion instruments, typical of fanfares and carnival blocks, with the heavy beat of electronic drums. From this fusion of languages, a sound emerges that refers to both street music and dance floors. With a touch of humor and irreverence typical of Orquestra Voadora, the music also transits through the circus theme. The composition is signed by André Ramos, saxophonist of the group. The Music Video 'Technocirco' has a great production done in Rio de Janeiro. More Info...


A rebellious sound that mixes the richness of brazilian rhythm with jazz-funk and rock energy. Bagunço is the serendipitous gathering of six Brazilians and two French guys that move your heart and make you move!

The EP brings 'As Três' OriginalMix + Four Remixes’, produced by Infrared (France), Zivito (Brazil), and The Phat Ones (South Africa). The Music Video has the special appearance from the Circus crew Circo no Ato. More Info...

NAPALMA | Yobalema - feat Abass Ndiaye

Yobalema' presents the partnership with singer Abass Ndiaye from Senegal, singing in Wolof, a worldebeat song, multicultural and ethnic. The album is a powerful pack including ‘Yobalema OriginalMix + Six Remixes + Instrumental’. The Music Video was
Filmed in Berlin, Casamance and Dakkar, Senegal. Edited in Brazil by brazilian videomaker
Raul Machado. 
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André Sampaio has been doing for the last ten years, devoting himself to the Candomblé afro-brazilian tradition and making trips to Mali and Burkina Faso where he spent some time with Vieux Farka Touré, Toumani Diabate among others. 
The Music Video
'Coluna de Aço' has reached 150k views on YouTube. More Info...

FABIO CARVALHO |Quintal Afro Congo Beat 

Fabio Carvalho search the oldest heritage of regional rhythms of the state of Espirito Santo - those with African roots music and puts the beat of congo and ticumbi to talk to the beats of electronic music. The result is a precious and dance dialogue of traditional folk art with contemporary, very current fruit of cultural anthropophagy that marked the birth of Brazilian modernism. More Info...

NAPALMA |A Big Funky Family

‘A Big Funky Family brings colorful melodies with powerful synths and electronic arrangements, uplifting percussion that creates a trance. NAPALMA invited for the collaborations music producers, singers and musicians around the world. 


André Sampaio brings the fusion of Brazilian and African rhythms together. The research and experiences of the guitarist and singer, who immersed himself deeply in West African guitars in contact with the diaspora's musicalities makes fusion with Brazilian musical rhythms, in which culture stands as the weapon of resistance,  More Info...

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