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Iggor Cavalera is best known for his part as the drummer in Brazilian super band Sepultura.  Throughout the nineties, Sepultura cemented itself into the backbone of modern Metal music and Iggor was a major factor in making this happen. His ability to project emotions and evoke thought through his percussive talents saw him accumulate a wealth of accolades including many „Best Drummer“ titles, as well as touring the globe and selling in excess of 10 million albums.


Present & Future...Today though, Iggor is reinvented with a new project and fresh outlook; and although an element of the spice that made Sepultura such an instant hit remains, the words on everybody’s lips are MixHell. 

Mixhell is a new and exciting collaboration which aims to fuse together the best and most uplifting elements of the rock and electronica scenes to create a „Rock-tronica“ effect. The overwhelming presence of an organic, intuitive and complimentary musical sound, often associated with the electronic music language, was hard to ignore, and became the driving force behind the project. With this in mind, Iggor and wife Laima Leyton have moved the project from its creative home in the studio to the stage where it has become a DJ project with an extraordinary Live element. Iggor and Laima have now incorporated an MPC Sampler into their DJ Sets, which allows them to fully explore the inner depth of their music whilst delving into the depths of Electroclash, Hip Hop, Cyber Punk and dark Rock ‚n‘ Roll and unleashing it on an underground dance community.

The music they are creating on the fly is very beat-oriented and gives the feeling, almost, of having a pulse. This is clearly Iggor’s effect coming from a dominating percussive background. The best thing about the project is the fact that a lot of the influences drawn upon by the duo are some of the core foundations of the sampled dance music of the modern era. The sets aim to reignite the passion for disco-punk and old school Hip Hop, by utilizing their effectiveness as background samples on the dancefloor, whilst moving the genres forward into a more contemporary setting with a New Age Rock element. 


Iggor and Laima’s blend of old and new makes it a perfect fit for the dancefloor as the combination of Mpc's samplers, CDJs, mixers, synths, and drum machines create an extremely versatile and engaging experience. Add to this the implementation of a live aspect with Iggor on a drumkit and the whole show goes to another level. Utilizing his know-how and sheer percussive ability means that Iggor's live drum sets are complementary to the music and give an otherwise standard dance track, that extra kick to really make it stick out in the minds of the crowd.


Mixhell & Joe Goddard feat. Mutado Pintado - Strong & Wrong

Mixhell & Joe Goddard feat. Mutado Pintado - Strong & Wrong

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Mixhell Superbooth19

Mixhell Superbooth19

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Mixhell at Superbooth19 Berlin

Mixhell at Superbooth19 Berlin

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Superbooth . Berlin . Germany

Studio Show . Brazil

In Place of War . London . UK

Festival Maquinaria . Chile

Wise . Liepaja . Latvia

Deputamadre Club - Brazil

Malam Club - Brazil

Boys Noize Records 10th Birthday  - London - UK


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