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Teresa Tomás on vocals and electronics

Teresa + Percussionist

Extra Visuals
Teresa + Percussionist + Audio Visual Artist 


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Introducing She Knows: Debut Album Tour 2024

She Knows' music style is a captivating blend of electronic elements with a touch of experimentalism. Their sound seamlessly weaves between melancholic and playful tones, creating a unique musical atmosphere. It's a fusion of deep, thought-provoking compositions and pop sensibilities that sets them apart from the ordinary.

She Knows is led by the exceptionally talented Spanish singer, Teresa Tomás, a genuine creative powerhouse. Whether she takes the stage solo or joins forces with her musical partner in crime, Marcel Dadalto, and their dynamic ensemble, their live performances are an enchanting sensory experience featuring live percussion, live visual sessions and dance interventions at clubs and venues, such as Beate Uwe, Kater Blau, Mensch Meier, Säälchen, Holzmarkt, Sektor Evolution,  Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, and Festivals like Bucht der Träumer, Fusion, Garbicz, Loftas, Mystic Creatures, Sonoras IV.

She Knows’s impressive discography includes EPs and Compilations released by esteemed labels like Bar 25 Music, Sirin Music, Azzur Music, Laut und Luise.

Influenced by the dynamic club music scene and the vibrant experiences of Berlin's nightlife, She Knows has crafted a mesmerizing electronic sound, their music is an exploration of emotions, often diving into profound and introspective themes.

She Knows' upcoming debut album is scheduled to release in Spring 2024 on Bar 25 Music, and it is set to redefine the live performance, and the summer tour serves as the perfect platform to reveal this masterpiece. It's worth noting that this project has received support by Initiative Musik GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

As they prepare for their upcoming tour 2024, you can anticipate a live set that embodies the essence of electro music.

Expect an enchanting fusion of drum machines, synthesizers, and a futuristic atmospheres, all intertwined with their distinct mix of soothing yet powerful vocals. Don't miss your chance to be part of this musical journey.

Join us on a tour that will set your stage with an unforgettable performance.


She Knows | Distorted Images Summer 2019

She Knows | Distorted Images Summer 2019

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She Knows Live - Lost in Translation  @ TRAUM SCHIFFBRUCH a stream comes true

She Knows Live - Lost in Translation @ TRAUM SCHIFFBRUCH a stream comes true

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She Knows - 'Extraordinary' - Live at Garbicz Festival 2023

She Knows - 'Extraordinary' - Live at Garbicz Festival 2023

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Fusion Festival . 2018 / 2019 . Germany

Bucht der Träume . Frankfurt Oder . Germany

Garbicz Festival . 2018 / 2019 / 23 . Poland


Katzensprung Festival . Cologne . Germany

Holzmarkt Open Air Fete de La Musique . Berlin . Germany

Kater Blau . Berlin . Germany

Rummelsbucht . Berlin . Germany

Sa Terza Metari Festival . Sardegna . Italy

Ritter Butzke . Berlin . Germany

Yaam . Berlin . Germany

Wilde Möhre Festival . Berlin . Germany


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