Brazil | Worldbeat | 2017

'ALAGBE' | The Dialogue Between Traditional and Modern

"... This is what André Sampaio has been doing for the last ten years, devoting himself to the Candomblé afro-brazilian tradition and making trips to Mali and Burkina Faso where he spent some time with Vieux Farka Touré, Toumani Diabate among others. These experiences have all filtered into his second album Alagbe, a hefty dose of Afro-rock that takes The Funkee's razor-sharp grooves but update them to the 21st. century. (...) There, the Candomblé-inspired lyrics (wich include Yoruba vocabular, such as the album’s title) echoes of Jamaica (Sampaio is a dub-reggae devotee also) and the English-language track “Stop Fighting Immigrants” mark out Sampaio’s African-centred but far reaching world view.” 

                                                                                                                                                                     Songlines Magazine #146


The groove of universal black music has permeated André Sampaio's work ever since he founded and joined the reggae band “Ponto de Equilíbrio”. In solo career, he brings the fuzz of his guitar also in afrobeat, coco, afrofunk and Brazil - Africa fusions.

Brazil | Worldbeat | 2013

'DESAGUOU' | The Brazilian and African Fusion


André Sampaio brings the fusion of Brazilian and African rhythms together with his band Os Afromandinga. The research and experiences of the guitarist and singer, who immersed himself deeply in West African guitars in contact with the diaspora's musicalities makes fusion with Brazilian musical rhythms, in which culture stands as the weapon of resistance, in a time when the extreme-right come to power in Brazil and people’s rights and the Democracy itself is in serious danger. 


Capoeira is presented as a hybrid element of brazilian and african dance - fight cultures. From the berimbaus (musical bows), passing through to the coco drums (traditional rhythm from northeast of Brazil) and the afrobeat/ highlife groove which link the rhythms of capoeira angola and the funk of Rio de Janeiro. 


About the band, Os Afromandinga, formed by Vanessa Melo (Rumpilezzinho, Black Lyric) who now shares vocals with André and also plays clarinet and transverse flute, Rico Bass (Oquadro, Ziminino) on bass and backing vocals, Maurício Bongo on drums, Ayko Alagbe on percussion, Pedro Guinu on the keyboards and effects and DJ Machintal on the bases, scratches and beats, the new version of the band is a wonderful kaleidoscope of influences and musicalities of contemporary and ancient African matrixes: musicians from Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Minas Gerais, from reggae, rap, Bahia Bass, philharmonics, candomblé and Brazilian jazz. Music to dance, expand consciousness and connect people from all over the World!!