NOUR PROJECT | Cairo . Egypt


Home base: Cairo - Egypt

Style: WorldBeat, Oriental Rock, Jazz

Touring Party: 6

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Nour Project is an Egyptian Independent Band that plays & mix together a vast variety of Music genres including jazz, funk, oriental, african and western music.

Nour Ashour a saxophonist long time involved in many local bands and since 2010 performing with The Egyptian Superstar Mohamed Mounir, has started Nour Project to bring together a group of musicians from different backgrounds to create  and perform a sort of music that not only entertain its listeners but also touches their hearts. 


Nour Project is a living proof of raw talent, ambition and honesty. The whole concept behind the project is
to promote music that can easily be heard and heart felt allowing listeners to deliberately connect and reflect to the songs they listen to. Their inspiring songs lyrics & performance support in restoring faith in humanity that got lost in the everyday life rhythm and encourage enjoying life and give hope for making a better world.


Six talented musicians using different instruments composing and performing their own music and songs lyrics mixing oriental with western music, re-playing old traditional songs using their own way and melodies, this deliberately connect with audience.

The band members are:

​Nour Ashour (Saxophone and Vocal)
Fadi Bader (Qanun, Keyboards) 
Wael Badrawy (Keyboards), 
OussoLotfy (Lead Guitar) 
Marwan W. Zaki (Drums)
Mahmoud Abd El Fatah (Oud)


The Stuttgart Cultural Summer Festival . Stuttgart . Germany 
Sinai Desert Soul Festival . Nuwebia .  Alexandria . Egypt 

17th International Summer Festival. Bibliotheca Alexandrina . Egypt

Dubai Jazz Festival . Dubai

Jean Villard Theatre . Paris . France
Rivers Festival in the World House of Cultures . Berlin . Germany
Hamamat Festifal . Tunis
Atlas Denmark . Copenhagen . Denmark
North Lit Festival. Arhus . Denmark
Bab festival . Amman . Jordan
Cairo Jazz Festival . Cairo . Egypt
Awesome Africa Festival. Durban . South Africa
Mawazin Festival . Rabat . Morocco