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LONA Musik started primarily in 2018 in Berlin, Germany as LONA Booking, a Booking Agency, but it has developed into a Record Label, Publishing Company and Booking Agency, in 2020, working with worldbeat & electronic music artists.



Release and Publish World class Artists, providing Distribution of musical Albums, EPs, Singles, and Official Music Videos, Licensing, Marketing, Promotion, and Bookings.

LONA MUSIK aims to work Together with the artists to grow their careers to reach international notoriety.


Two Artist Rosters

LONA Musik have two distinct Artist Rosters:
Record Label & Publishing Roster 

Booking Agency Roster 

It means that one Artist can be part of one Roster OR Both, not necessarily all artists are part of both Rosters. The Booking Agency is small and limited to attend all Artists of the Label, but hoping to be able to collaborate in some booking opportunity. 


Who is behind LONA MUSIK?

Cid Travaglia
CEO | Label, Publishing and Booking Agent

Cid Travaglia, brazilian - italian, percussionist, drummer, music producer, founder of the former label LONA Records in 1995 in Vitória, Brazil, becoming record label, events promoter, booking agency and publishing company. 

LONA Records operated for over one decade, but from 2005 on Cid Travaglia focused exclusively on booking, production and playing  percussion for the group NAPALMA, touring in over twenty five countries and having the life experience of producing, performing and living in African continent for over one decade, based in South Africa and Mozambique.

Mark Dieler
Booking Agent

Mark Dieler, german-italian, has been working on several projects since 1998, and through 10 years spent on the African continent developed strong ties to the music scene there. He also has promoted events, concerts and tours around all of Europe while cooperating with both underground and top tier artists and locations.


What kind of Artists LONA MUSIK is looking for?

LONA MUSIK is looking for talented, motivated, and hard work Artists, really dedicated to their careers, willing to be actively working towards raising the Artist fan base, playing concerts, Touring, been in contact with media, getting exposure, and resulting in bigger music sales, more business opportunities.  

LONA MUSIK and the Artist team must be connected and in synch to develop marketing and promotion strategies, supporting each other. We want to listen and learn about the market where the artist has been working on, the plans, and the main goals.

We suggest to work with the mentality and attitude of: 'We are Partners and One Uplifts the Other"


Distribution - Stores

LONA MUSIK is distributed exclusively by Believe, a company with 15 years of history, with more than 1200 employees in 44 countries, Believe offers not only digital distribution, but also trade marketing services, video content management, administrative support and 100% reporting customizable, which facilitate the sharing of royalties between artists and LONA MUSIK, and access for artists to be able to check their earnings and analytics,

Believe supplies directly to all major platforms, which always guarantees the best remuneration for Artists and LONA MUSIK, In other words, greater transfer of royalties.

Believe is an A-level partner for YouTube and leading music streaming platforms. What does that mean? Compared to other distributors, Artists and LONA MUSIK gain between 5% and 10% more in royalties.

Spotify, Apple, Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, Napster, Amazon, TikTok, VK Music, Boom, Anghami, Boomplay, totaling more than 250 stores around the world.

LONA MUSIK also has a store on BandCamp that will allow the sale of Albums, EPs, Singles, and other merchandising products.



You give LONA Musik the exclusive right to distribute, synch and publish your music signed in the Agreement.


The stores must never be supplied twice with an identical publication. Each publication may only be delivered to one store exclusively by one provider. Only one provider may receive the corresponding rights from you.

»You give LONA MUSIK the right to collect the income you have earned from selling, synching and publishing your music and to transfer it to yourself.

»You give LONA MUSIK the right to use your band/artist name, cover, biographical or other information provided by you in connection with your music on your behalf.

How much will i be paid? 

The Agreement Templates will be sent by e-mail.


When and how will i be paid?

Reports will be issued every six months (reference dates: June 30 and December 31)

within three (3) months.

In order to get paid, you must have a verified Paypal account.

LONA MUSIK can also pay via bank / wire  transfer.


Planning The Release 

How long will it take for my release to be available in stores?

LONA MUSIK have planned the release date with a sufficient lead time (not less than 3-6 weeks), to pitch your music on Spotify and other playlists, do a Marketing campaign and send to Radios, Blogs, Podcasts, DJs, Magazines, etc.


Album Price / Track Price

What do we have to consider when setting the price?


In the stores, the rule of thumb applies: the price of the overall release must not be higher than the price of all tracks together.

One exception applies to one track releases: for a single (with only one title), the track price and target price must match.


Number Of Tracks

Is my release single, EP or album?


A single has 1-2 tracks. 

An EP has 3-7 tracks.

An album has 8 or more tracks.


Pre Sales

Your release will be available as a preorder on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play.

This means: Your release can be pre-ordered, but is actually only available from the specified release date.

During the preorder period, the album can only be completely pre-ordered. The single track purchase is only possible from the actual release date.


Upload Instructions

Please note the guidelines for the cover and compression of the sound files, and the metadata with all information about the song (title, artist, lyricist, composer, ISRC, etc) of the individual songs, the order of the songs of the EP or Album.

Cover Artwork


The cover image must be exactly square, with a resolution of at least 3000 x 3000 pixels in RGB as JPG. 

The cover text must also be legible in small format and must not be pixelated. The stores are free at any time to reject covers or to request other designs.

The following rules must be observed for all cover designs:

»The cover must match the entered metadata.

»You must have all rights to the picture or permission to display the faces of all the people appearing on the cover



In what format do the audio files have to be uploaded?


In order to upload your music to usic Platforms, the songs must be ripped as WAV files. The bit rate should be 1411 kbit / s, the sample size 16 bit and the sample rate 44.100 kHz. The files should also be stereo. Please make sure that you do not save any metadata and tags in the WAV file.


Spelling - Orthography

What do I have to consider when spelling my titles?


Always make sure that the titles are spelled correctly, otherwise it can happen that publications in the stores are blocked, not found or auto-corrected.

The stores gave us the following guidelines:

> The first word of each title must always be capitalized.  

> For all titles, the spelling of the title language must be applied, only for English-language titles, all initial letters must be capitalized.

> Special characters should not be used as these are not always recognized by the search function of the stores. If you use a special character or a number, the following letter must be capitalized.


People Involved on Release

Why do I have to specify all the people involved (e.g. composer and lyricist) in the release?

This information is required, among other things, for collecting societies like GEMA.
Please add all people involved. Please pay attention to the correct spelling.

Lyricist: The creator of the original text of a work. Please enter in the form "first name last name" or as specified by the collecting society.

Composer: The original creator of the music in a work. Please enter in the form "first name last name" or as specified by the collecting society.

Feature: Additional interpreter who works with the main artist on a title. 



What are these identifiers all about?


An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is used to identify each individual song. A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a number that is exclusively linked to your album, EP or single. These numbers clearly identify your product worldwide. These numbers can be made machine-readable with a barcode.

Every album, EP or single needs these individual numbers.

There are two options here:

a) Do you already have corresponding numbers that you want to use? You can simply enter these numbers with us - done. 

b) You don't have any of these numbers yet? No problem - they are generated automatically if none have been entered.
This service is free!


Title Version

What is a title version and when do I use it?


A title version must only be entered if it is a different version of a track, of which there is also a standard version. 

  1. The title version "Radio Edit" can only exist if there is also an original version that is not a radio edit. If this does not exist, "Radio Edit" is the original version and is not marked separately.

  2. The title version "Piano Version" can only exist if there is also a non-piano version. This non-piano version is then the original version. If there is no original version, the "piano version" is the original version and is not given an additional name in the "Title version" field.

  3. The same applies to the title version of an album. "Deluxe Version" is only available if there is an original version. “Studio Version” is also an original version because almost every song is first recorded in the studio. 


Cover Version, Remix and Editing

What should I watch out for in a cover version?


it is possible to publish cover versions, remixes and edits.

However, where you need to obtain the necessary rights depends on whether it is actually a cover or an edit. As soon as you change more than just a few chords in a music title, the cover version becomes an edit and the rights cannot be obtained from the collecting society (e.g. GEMA), but must be purchased directly from the composer.

We recommend that you contact a lawyer to find out whether you need appropriate authorizations or not. This way you can be sure that you will not receive a lawsuit. As soon as you have clarified all the formalities, you can start publishing.

In any case, you should specify the lyricist and composer when publishing cover versions and remixes. The name of the mix (eg Skrillex Remix) should be specified in the "Title version" field.

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