'URBAN ART Tribute' | Album





Music Video & EP by NAPALMA


Music Video | ‘URBAN ART Tribute’ 

Filmed and crafted by 
Cid Travaglia across twelve countries during eight years, diving into the street art universe and showing a special selection of Street Art and Graffiti from international artists (credits bellow).

The song ‘
Urban Art’ is the voice of the people that appreciates Graffiti and Street Art, and NAPALMA speaks in their name to express our gratitude to the Artists, for making the cities more colorful, political, exciting and soulful, touching people’s life day by day. 


EP  ‘URBAN ART Tribute’ 

The EPURBAN ART Tribute’ brings NAPALMA Original Mix + Instrumental Mix + Three Remixes, specially produced by
Luna City Express (Berlin), Infrared (Paris), Gus What (Vitória). 

Produced by Macel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, ‘Urban Art’ is an uplifting song with a driving Tech House base, beautiful melodies with catchy vocal lines from Senegalese singer Abass Ndiaye and pulsing percussions  including djembe and recycled instruments.

Remix Producers | 'URBAN ART Tribute'

'SUNU WARËF' | Album


The album ‘Sunu Warëf’  is an eclectic international pack where different styles and backgrounds are fused, containing ‘Sunu Warëf’ OriginalMix + Six Remixes, produced by SucreSoul (South Africa), Infrared (France), Mista Monk (Australia), Jaspe (France), Kokkosh (Egypt) and Leandro Bonfim (Brazil). 

A special Music Video takes NAPALMA to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, in a partnership with Herve Neukomm, a swiss traveller that crossed the whole Amazon river during five years in a Bike-Boat (a boat propelled by a bicycle).

Sunu Warëf’ is an uplifting electronic, percussive and groovy song with a Caribbean spice, and has beautiful melodies with catchy vocal lines from West Africa, and lyrics are in Wolof, one of the languages from Senegal, which means “Our Mission”, each person has the own Mission in life. 


Try to imagine a group with "cross-over vibes" transcending from multiple genres, super contemporary, but also utilizing traditional rhythms from around the world. 

The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia. 

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Designer and Tattoo Artist Rodrigo Tas.

Remix Producers | 'Sunu Warëf'

'YOBALEMA' | Album

'Yobalema' | Brazil meets Senegal in Berlin

The album 'Yobalema'  is a powerful international pack presenting Yobalema OriginalMix + Six Remixes’, produced by Marc Brauner - Germany, Mista Monk - Australia, Mogo Naaba representing Togo / South Africa, Sandman FR - France, The Phat Ones - South Africa and Gutto Serta from Brazil / Berlin. Different styles and backgrounds are fused, 

'Yobalema' is sung in Wolof from Senegal and it means ‘Take me With You’, and it is about two soul mates complementing each other in a relation that No One can separate, lyrics and vocals by Abass Ndiaye, who brought melodies from West Africa, and NAPALMA maintains the multicultural identity and the energy for the dance floors with powerful and captivating electronic arrangements, varied percussions by Brazilian Cid Travaglia.

The music production was crafted by Marcel Dadalto and Cid Travaglia, featuring Daniel Zabon from Germany/ Kenya on saxophone and Mogo Naaba from Togo/ South Africa on synths. 

The artwork is a creation from Brazilian Designer and Tattoo Artist Rodrigo Tas